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Here you will find easy ways to look great for less in 'Style on the School Run' and 'Just Like Jesse J', ways of reigniting that spark in Keeping the Home Fire Burning' and how to stop your kids from making you explode in Keeping the Roof on the Loonybin'. There's also some handy tips on making the precious pennies go a bit further in 'Lolly Lovers - Elastic Cash' plus an A-Z of mental Health and fundraising ideas. I'll also add jokes, links and poems to this home page just to make you smile.


What happened to the naked church robber? 
The police found him and caught him by the organ!


What if Cinderella didn't want her prince?
What if she didn't want a man who
Would overdose on football,
Want her to warm his bed,
Expect her to look perfect everyday?

What if she dreamed instead 
Of travelling the world alone
Reveling in her independence
Answering to no one
Enjoying the freedom 
To sunbathe topless 
If she so desired
No matter what a man may think.